Setti Warren Dropping Out – Only One Warren in the Race

So says the Globe:

Newton mayor Setti Warren, whose US Senate campaign has been short on cash and eclipsed by the emergence of Elizabeth Warren, plans to announce tomorrow that he is dropping out, according to an early supporter who received a phone call this afternoon.

A source close to the campaign confirmed the mayor was speaking with supporters and said he will make an announcement on the future of his Senate campaign in the morning.

Granted, as far as the primary goes, the biggest impact on the race may be that there is only one Warren running, preventing confusion, given that Mayor Warren was only getting 1% according to the recent PPP poll.

Has Mayor Warren’s lackluster campaign done lasting damage to his political credibility?  Surely, he must be considering running for Barney Frank’s Congressional seat when Frank retires.  Had Mayor Warren not run for Senate, he could have cleared that field.  Now, seeing his weak polling and fundraising (even before Elizabeth Warren got in), I doubt other interested Democrats would shy away from a primary vs. the Mayor in 2014 or 2016, whenever Congressman Frank retires.

Similarly, will this move cue State Rep. Tom Conroy to back out and focus on re-election to the state legislature?

Or does this whole event have no impact on the race given how early in the calendar it is and little support the Newton Mayor had?

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