Scott Brown Approval Drops Below 50%, a Net 14-Point Drop from Last Year

Since Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno likes to promote to the front page posts about relevant poll numbers, perhaps he’ll want to promote this post to the front page.

It looks like Scott Brown’s numbers have slipped some:

Nearly half of respondents, 49 percent, said they view him favorably, compared with 26 percent who view him unfavorably. A Globe poll conducted last September showed him with 58 percent approval and 21 percent disapproval.

Last year at this time, Brown was at 58-21, a net 37-point positive approval.  Now he’s at 49-26, a net 23-point positive approval.  Sure, a +23 is very solid, but the election is over a year away, and a 14-point drop from last September’s +37 to this September’s +23 is a notable drop and a trend that Brown will want to nip in the bud ASAP.

The Globe also polled likely Democratic candidate for Senate Elizabeth Warren.  She was at 23% approval, 12% disapproval; that’s a solid 2-to-1 ratio, but the 60% unknown demonstrates she’ll have a lot of work to do to raise her profile and define who she is before Republicans do it for her.

All told, indications are that, if Brown effectively demonstrates that he has been an independent voice for Massachusetts, he’ll get re-elected; but, if Brown’s Democratic opponent effectively demonstrates that he has too often toed the right-wing Republican Party line, he’ll get bounced.  Pretty straight-forward.

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