Scott Brown a “Big Poll Guy” When He Should Be Doing the People’s Business

By now, we’ve all seen the new independent poll that has Scott Brown and his sycophants quaking:

Elizabeth Warren has had an incredibly successful launch to her Senate campaign and actually leads Scott Brown now by a 46-44 margin, erasing what was a 15 point deficit the last time we polled the state in early June.

So, what was Scott Brown’s trying-not-to-show-concern response?

Brown was short and stern with my colleague Dave Catanese when approached at a Log Cabin Republican dinner last night in Washington. “Never been a big poll guy,” he said.

Never been a big poll guy, huh, Scotto?  OK, that’s cool.  You’re truck-driving regular ol’ tough guy.  You shouldn’t be concerned with polls.

Further, you definitely shouldn’t be concerned with polls when you’re at your taxpayer-funded U.S. Senate office when you’re supposed to be doing the People’s business.

Only, it seems you are:

A Hill staffer, who spoke with TPM by phone, sends this dispatch from the Senate side in the wake of today’s PPP poll showing former White House financial reform adviser Elizabeth Warren leading Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA):

“Just walked passed Senator Brown’s office and in the hallway was the man himself, lamenting into his cell phone, ‘I don’t understand how she can be down 20 points one week and is now up 2. What is going on?'”

Our tipster describes the scene:

Was heading to a meeting after just having read your reporting on the new poll. Was just about to walk by Senator Brown’s personal office when he walked out of the main door of his office, cell phone in hand. He was mid-conversation but was responding to something on the other line with the line I reported. Was kind of dumbfounded to hear that kind of candor in a very public hallway. I’m guessing he realized that too, because he then looked over his shoulder, saw me, and hurriedly entered a side down to his office down the hall.

So, instead of doing the People’s business in his taxpayer-funded U.S. Senate office, Scott Brown is apparently using the taxpayer-funded office as a satellite campaign office, talking polls and politics.  That doesn’t sound too appropriate.

It might be the People’s Seat, but the seat is apparently located in a taxpayer-funded Brown for Senate office in one of the U.S. Senate office buildings.

And, I guess Scott Brown is a “big poll guy” after all.

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