Romney’s Problems, Summed Up

Mitt Romney’s highlights, courtesy of First Read:

Only six years ago, he supported abortion rights; in 1994, he sent a letter saying he’d be a stronger advocate for gay rights than Ted Kennedy; according to a 2006 article, he supported a path to citizenship for law-abiding illegal immigrants; he has said that his Massachusetts health-care law should be a model for other states; and he said back in June that humans have contributed to the world getting warmer — and that it’s important to reduce emissions to combat that. All of those positions are anathema to conservatives.

*Supported abortion rights

*Self-proclaimed stronger advocate for gay rights than Ted Kennedy

*Path to citizenship for illegal immigrants

*RomneyCare the model for Obamacare

*Climate change real and human-caused

Of which Party is Mitt running for the nomination?

Short of calling for higher taxes to pay for wind farms and solar panel manufacturing across the country, how can Mitt take any more positions that would have the GOP base running for the hills?

And he’s going to be the GOP nominee?

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