Progressive Super Activist Harmony Wu using Fake Twitter Account?

Update: I was asked by @rwwatchma, or was it @harmonywho, to update my post to say I was wrong.  I think the tweets speak for themselves, but @harmonwho says she isn’t @rwwatchma. Probably because @rwwatchma is multiple people and she just had the con that day…. Whatevs..

Update 2: @rwwatchma, or is it @harmonywho says that s/he/it is not @harmonwho.  As the screen grabs show that is highly unlikely but whatevs….

Earlier this month there was a Twitter faux pas by Eric Fehrnstrom when he apparently forgot to switch twitter accounts and tweeted as Crazy Khazei.  Well it just happened to another person in the #mapoli universe.  Harmony Wu, who seriously considered primarying Stephen Lynch in 2010, is apparently the #mapoli troll @RWWatchMA.  Look at the two identical tweets at the same time from TweetDeck below.

TweetDeck, for those that don’t know, allows one to tweet from two or more accounts at the same time.  I use it to tweet from @redmassgroup and @robeno.  Looks like we’ve just uncovered another liberal troll.

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