Polito on MAGOP Chairmanship, “I have been asked to consider filling the term”

Former State Representative, and Treasurer Candidate, Karyn Polito (R-Shrewsbury) has confirmed reports that people are talking to her about filling Jennifer Nassour’s unexpired term as Massachusetts Republican Party Chairman.  

In a statement Polito said that she wishes Jennifer Nassour and her family well and that, “I have been asked to consider filling the term as we approach a very important election year. I am listening to what people have to say and will take all into consideration and decide soon so that we have a smooth transition for the Massachusetts Republican Party.”

Polito joins fellow Worcester County Republican, Brent Andersen as someone considering the chairmanship.  Earlier today the Pioneer Institute’s Director of Administration and Finance, Mary Z. Connaughton, told Red Mass Group that she is not seeking the chairmanship, and is “Happy at Pioneer”.

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