POLITICO: Khazei to push Prof. Warren on PACs

(You mean the good professor isn’t who she says she is?  I’m shocked I tell ya.  Lets see Doug Rubin work his magic on this one. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

POLITICO picked up this story about Prof. Warren’s refusal to reject PAC and lobbyist money.  Let’s hope this goes national.  I just forwarded the link to Drudge…

Alan Khazei waited one whole day to begin to draw lines in the sand with Elizabeth Warren.

The City Year co-founder is using the Harvard professor’s own words to ask her to reject all contributions from political action committees and corporate lobbyists.

“In her opening campaign video, Warren said, ‘Washington is rigged for big corporations that hire armies of lobbyists,'” Khazei noted.  “If she’s true to her words, she’ll join me in rejecting contributions

from every single PAC and corporate lobbyist.”

As the Boston Globe notes, Warren did not take her Democratic colleague up on his offer.

But an adviser to the Khazei campaign tells POLITICO that the campaign won’t allow the issue to die, organizing a citizen-driven ‘No PAC’ petition in the coming days.

It’s meant to show a direct contrast with Warren and challenge her on her highly touted liberal credentials.  The implicit message: “Words are good,  but we need action.”  

Another theme that Khazei hopes to drive against Warren: She’s top down, he’s bottom up.

That framing was telegraphed in an email Khazei sent to supporters Wednesday when he stressed, “we are running a different type of campaign that is being built from the ground up, offering voters a fresh approach and new ideas.”


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