Plymouth, Bristol, and Worcester County on Cusp of Implementing Secure Communities Equivalent

Sheriffs Evangelidis of Worcester County, McDonald of Plymouth County and Hodgson of Bristol County, yesterday met with immigration officials in Washington DC.  As a result of that meeting a framework has been agreed to allowing the counties to join the federal program.

Sheriff Tom Hodgson told this morning’s Plymouth County Unity Breakfast that with the Governor not supporting Secure Communities, the three Sheriff’s went to Washington to talk wiht immigration officials.  “The Secure Communities program would give us immediate access to a larger database of individuals than the FBI has.  It would give us additional information about aliases and tatoos of gang members, like MS-13.  We may be able to get this person off the streets based on their alias.”

If you were to believe what the Governor is saying about the program you are missing the point.  “We went to Washington because we realize that Massachusetts has to be at the top of the list and has to be done now,” Hodgson said.  He alson noted that we are the people who can make the change. In Massachusetts if you are an illegal alien you can get public housing, get welfare even after we know that you are illegal, you can get medicaid.  Illegal immigration costs the Commonwealth $1.9B.  

Hodgson said, “we went to Washington because our governor has stated that you are welcome here even if your are a criminal.”  Hodgson said that a border patrol agent told him a few weeks ago that when they release Brazillian Nationals they leave and come on a plane to Logan Airport.  

“Let’s not forget that those that already have preconceived notions that are going to violate our rights and our security, are looking for places to hide.  Guess what? Massachusetts is as good as its going to get.  Let’s not forget that the terrorists that flew into the World Trade Center left from here.”

Sheriff Hodgson said they were able to convince ICE that they are able to move forward with an equivalent to Secure Communities.  “We will be able to do what we were elected to do, keep you safe and protect democracy.  We will be able to protect you and prevent our country from being put under attack.”

Asked when he thinks the three counties will be up and running with this equivalent Hodgson said he doesn’t know the exact timeline, but all three departments are in the process of filling out the paperwork and getting trained.  It will be as quickly as that process can be completed.

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