On to the Berkshires – Another Special Election

Fresh off the stunningly solid victory of Keiko Orrall in the 12th Bristol District, it’s time to gas up the car and head out to the Berkshires.  Mark Jester, on Tuesday, garnered enough write in votes to participate in the October 18, 2011 special election to fill the seat vacated by the newest Berkshire county lifetime hack, Chris Speranzo.

Now, for certain, this is a difficult district.  In the special election for Scott Brown’s seat, Brown garnered 29% of the vote in this district.  That is without a ground game in the city of Pittsfield.  That’s our base number.  Cahill and Baker together garnered 25% of the vote, mainly because Deval Patrick lives in the town next door, Richmond during the summer.  If this were a heads up election, it would be difficult.  But it’s not…

The October 18th general election will feature Four candidates.  Two progressives, an independent, and a Republican, Mark Jester.  There is both a Democratic Candidate, and a Green Rainbow Party candidate Mark Miller who garnered 45% of the vote in the November 2010 election against Chris Speranzo.  With a Democrat and a strong Green Rainbow Party candidate both running we may only need 35-40% to win this election.  Democratic Party Chairman John Walsh senses this, and he’s holding an impromptu “Unity Reception” tonight in Pittsfield that he’s personally attending.  

Mark Jester is also the kind of Republican that can win in Western Mass.  He’s fiscally conservative, and environmentally conscious.  He touts his environment credentials, which I don’t share all of, on his website.

Conservation and the Environment: I have spent a good deal of my life working to conserve land and keeping those lands open to the public. Land conservation makes sense in the Berkshires. I support the Public Lands Preservation Act requiring that any change in the use of protected natural areas only take place if no other alternative is available. I support a Coal Free Commonwealth that seeks to phase out coal-fired electric generation in Massachusetts by 2020 and I support EPA’s efforts to reduce pollution in the Berkshires from Midwest power plants.

His other issues are reducing the regulatory burden on small businesses like his, and working to create jobs in an area hard hit by the economic downturn.  To get involved with Mark’s campaign you can sign up here and you can “Like” his facebook page.

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