Not a Poll Tax, Huh?

A week and a half ago, I asked, “Why Do Republicans Want to Keep People from Voting?

Some of the response noted how easy it is to get a picture ID and that it’s not at all an obstacle or tantamount to a poll tax.


Wisconsin DMV Workers Told Not to Offer Free IDs

The Madison Capital Times obtained an internal memo from a top Wisconsin Department of Transportation official which instructs workers not to tell citizens “that they can obtain voter identification cards free of charge — unless they know to ask for it.”

“As laid out in the memo, failure to check a box when applying for photo ID with the Division of Motor Vehicles will result in the payment of $28. Interviews conducted about the memo suggest the state is more interested in continuing to charge the fee, which is required for a photo ID used for non-voting purposes, than it is in removing all barriers and providing easy access to a free, photo ID.”

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: “Lawmakers included the provision for free IDs in the voter ID law to ensure the requirement wasn’t considered a poll tax, which would be illegal.”

This is, of course, under the regime of Republican, anti-worker, anti-democracy, Koch-brothers-devotee Governor Scott Walker.  It’s no surprise that his administration would make it more difficult for eligible voters to, y’know, vote.

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