My dire prediction……..Sarah WILL run….

She will, she won’t, she will, she won’t, she will….

I am afraid that gut my instinct is right – Sarah Palin will soon announce that she is running for President.  For the longest time I didn’t think she would.  I thought she might be just enjoying her huge popularity and making the most of her 15 minutes of fame in the political spotlight.  I imagine that touring around on a luxury bus with adoring fans at every stop along the way would be a nice life.  I could even understand that if she only paid attention to the people in her inner circle that she could be convinced to run.  But I always thought she was too smart to believe the hype is global.  Surely she must have inquired of people outside her fan base.  I guess not!

Sarah Palin has a couple stops to make in the next few days.  She is currently in Iowa, and soon to be in New Hampshire.  I need not tell you what those two places represent in the race for the White House.  More than that, she is now signaling that there is room for another candidate in the GOP race.

Aides have suggested that Palin will not make her intentions clear on Saturday and what she said Friday night did nothing to clarify the picture. Asked about the current field of candidates, she said she was happy with them, but added, “I think there’s room for more, though, because spirited debate and more competition will allow an even better discourse and more rigorous discourse that the public deserves.”

Sadly, Palin is wrong in that regard.  There is NOT room for more in the race.  Every corner of the Republican platform is now represented in the race, and at the moment there is considerable overlap in candidates.  Perry and Bachmann are fighting to win the Tea Party share of the vote.  Herman Cain and Ron Paul are trying to win the more libertarian vote in the party.  Lord knows what Gingrich and Romney stand for anymore.  And apparently Santorum and Huntsman are fighting to see who will get the smallest share of the vote.  Time to thin the herd.

Of course, thinning the herd is what the debates are for and how we finally come to have that spirited debate that Palin talks about.  And of course the candidates would do that if only Palin would stop sucking the oxygen out of the room, along with Obama.  Obama tries to schedule his ‘jobs’ speech on the same night as the GOP debate, and Palin is running around demonstrating all the signs of making an entry into the race.

I used to like Sarah Palin. I admired her gutsy approach to life, family, work and her pursuit of the American dream.  But now it is getting tired.  Now she seems like the girl that can’t seem to pull herself off the stage even though the show is over.  Sarah Palin will NEVER be President of the United States. I know that, you know that, but I wish someone would tell Sarah that.  She is not qualified, and she is far too polarizing to get elected.

All that being said, I think Sarah Palin will announce she is running for President.  I don’t know if she will try and run as a Republican.  She may do something crazy and run as an Independent.  That would be the litmus test that this is all about her. But either way I think she will run.  

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