More Unsettling Poll News for Scott Brown

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Yesterday saw some mildly unsettling poll news for Scott Brown, as his net approval in the Boston Globe poll took a 14-point hit over the last year.

WBUR chimed in today with numbers of their own:

She may be an undeclared candidate, but potential Democratic U.S. Senate contender Elizabeth Warren appears to be gaining support among Massachusetts voters. A WBUR Poll (PDF) released Tuesday puts the Harvard law professor the closest of four Democrats to incumbent Republican Sen. Scott Brown.

When paired in a hypothetical contest, 44 percent of 500 likely voters said they’d vote for Brown, compared to 35 percent who said they would vote for Elizabeth Warren. In similar hypothetical match-ups, Brown topped City Year co-founder Alan Khazei (45 percent to 30 percent), activist Bob Massie (45 percent to 29 percent) and Newton Mayor Setti Warren (no relation to Elizabeth) (46 percent to 28 percent).

Since the numbers in Brown vs. Khazei-Massie-Setti are all within a point or two, we can pretty safely say that Brown leads “relatively unknown generic Democrat” 45-29ish.

But Elizabeth Warren is a solid tick higher, already holding the race in single digits according to WBUR, 44-35.

According to WBUR, 44% of Massachusetts has never heard of Elizabeth Warren – not too terribly far off the 60% unknown Elizabeth Warren got in the Globe poll released yesterday.  About half of the state has never heard of her, and she hasn’t raised any serious money yet or done any substantive campaigning, and it’s already a single-digit race.

In short, Democrats sincerely hope that RMGers and Republicans across the state are sincerely as unconcerned as they claim to be because Scott Brown will have a race on his hands.

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