Michael Graham calls out Deval Patrick on his Pathological Lying on Secure Communities

Michael Graham, in today’s Boston Herald, takes Deval Patrick to task for his, seemingly, pathological lying.  

Last week a group of Massachusetts sheriffs reached out directly to the U.S. Department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and arranged to send fingerprints of arrested individuals in their custody to ICE. Gov. Deval Patrick, who adamantly opposes the Secure Communities program, reacted angrily:

“We already send all the fingerprints we gather to the federal government. The only thing the sheriffs are doing that’s different from what we do already is grabbing headlines.”

Then, with a touch of sarcasm, Patrick added: “God bless ’em. I’m glad they’re complying with the rules and our policies.”

Now, the first part of that statement is factual but false.

Click on the link and read the rest, it’s great.  The Governor has no clothes and Michael is not afraid to say it.

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