Mass Sheriffs are Joining Same Program Deval Patrick Stopped in January of 2011

One thing, that is being lost in the current policy debate regarding illegal immigration, is that Mitt Romney had a program in place to allow State Police to deal with illegal immigration.  Deval Patrick, in his first week in office, rescinded that program. As an aside, I wonder if that was before or after he ordered the new drapes and the Caddy?

At the time the folks at Blue Mass Group wholeheartedly agreed with the Governor’s decision.

As promised, Governor Patrick today formally rescinded the political stunt agreement that ex-Gov Romney engineered between the State Police and federal immigration authorities that would have allowed certain staties to arrest illegal immigrants on immigration charges.  Instead, Patrick proposes to allow specially-trained corrections officers to initiate deportment proceedings – you know, for the ones that actually are criminals.  From the release:

Note David Kravitz’s words back in 2007.  Sound familiar? He called it a “stunt” too.  Imagine that, protecting the citizens of the Commonwealth is a stunt.  

Just what did Romney’s plan do?  It allowed a small number of State Police to work with ICE in enforcing immigration law.  The program is known as Section 287(g) of Immigration Law.  Deval Patrick in 2007 did allow a small cadre of corrections officers to join this program, only to deal with convicted criminals.

According to WWLP in Springfield, Section 287(g) is the exact same program that the three Sheriff’s have enrolled in.  This means that the Sheriff’s have undone, four and a half years later, what Deval Patrick did in 2007.  The Sheriffs, as the constitutionally elected highest law enforcement officer of the county can also now help with primary enforcement throughout their jurisdictions.

So it’s not just since the Secure Communities debate has been raging that Governor Patrick has looked the other way.  It’s his whole time period of his two terms as governor, minus one week.

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