Marlborough Councilor Matt Elder Restarts Secure Communities Fight

Based on recent developments City Councilor Matt Elder of Marlborough has restarted his quest for the City to enact Secure Communities.

With a recent OUI arrest of an illegal immigrant living in Marborough, Ward 3 City Councilor Matt Elder is once again reaching out to public safety officials trying to enter the city into the safety program.

“Recently you’ve seen four Sheriffs across the state begin to enter into the program, essentially bypassing the Governor,” Elder said. “I want to see if Marlborough can do the same.”

On Saturday, September 24th, an illegal immigrant who lives in Marlborough was arrested in Boxborough for his 6th OUI offense. During the investigation, Boxborough police also found out that Eduardo Torres had previously been deported.

“Luckily, nothing happened to the residents of Marlborough or anywhere else. However, if he was coming back to his house in Marlborough, how do we know he wouldn’t have hurt or killed somebody in his neighborhood?” Elder said.

The family of Matthew Denise, a Milford man who was killed recently by an illegal immigrant who was driving drunk, wasn’t so lucky, Elder said.

Elder said that he still feels the issue is an important public safety initiative, and we are only one of nine states who don’t implement the program. Elder said this measure is receiving bipartisan support on Beacon Hill, and if the Governor refused to implement, Elder thinks he should do whatever he can to keep the city safe.

“While this may be an issue for our legislators in Boston, I think we, as a city, should be allowed to take the proper steps to ensure the safety of the residents and public safety officials in the city.”

Since the Sheriffs have began to go through the process of entering into the program, and Torres’ arrest hitting close to home, Elder feels that now is the time to act on this.

Elder said he’s contacted Marlborough Police Chief Mark Leonard to see what the Sheriffs are doing that the city could possibly do to become part of the program. Chief Leonard has been very helpful in gathering information about the program, Elder said.

“The Chief has been very helpful, and I will also be trying to work closely with Worcester County Sheriff Lew Evangelidis on this,” Elder said. Even though Lew isn’t the Sheriff of Marlborough, Elder said the two are good friends and Sheriff Evangelidis has led the charge in entering his communities into the program.

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