Herman Cain Shooting Up in Multiple Polls – Will It Stick?

The latest Fox News poll:

The latest Fox News Poll shows Cain has tripled his support to 17 percent — up 6 percent from before this month’s debates. Texas Gov. Rick Perry now stands at 19 percent, a drop of 10 percent from a month ago. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney holds the top spot at 23 percent and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is coming to life after several strong debate performances, now standing at 11 percent.

The latest Survey USA poll for Florida:

In the Florida Republican Primary for President, Mitt Romney at 27% edges Herman Cain at 25%, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted for WFLA-TV Tampa. Rick Perry finishes 3rd with 13%, others further back. The Primary is tentatively, and controversially, scheduled for 4 months from today, on 01/31/12

And these poll jumps have a very solid chance of sticking around because, as Gallup reminds us:

Gallup has consistently shown Cain has the highest “positive intensity score” in the GOP field – that is, of the people who know him, the gap between those who like him and those who don’t is bigger than for any other candidate.

To favor Herman Cain is to love Herman Cain; and, more and more Republicans are jumping on the Herman Cain boat.  With Rick Perry hemorrhaging supporters with each debate debacle, and with Mitt Romney not sealing the deal given his numerous past liberal positions, and with Michele Bachmann financially running on fumes, Herman Cain could well be where the roulette wheel stops for a lot of GOP voters.

Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan is the kind of hyper-simple concept tailor-made for Twitter culture and the lazy, gimmick-driven media.  And, hey, the Florida Presidency 5 straw poll that Cain won (and Perry was expected to win) has been a reliable nomination-predictor:

The Florida Straw Poll touts its record of accurately signaling the GOP’s eventual nominee. In the three times it has been held, Ronald Reagan won in 1979, George H.W. Bush in 1987 and Bob Dole in 1995. Each was nominated for president the following year.

So who is giving Herman Cain a second look?  (Or who is already on board after the first look?)  He may likely be the next new first-tier candidate.

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