Herald: It’s official! Professor Warren to challenge Scott Brown

The Herald is reporting that Elizabeth Warren has entered the race to challenge Republican Scott Brown next year.  

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  • They may have found someone more un-likable then Martha – And in the end could beat Scottie

  • She wouldn’t be running if her nomination hadn’t been blocked.

  • Vote3rdpartynow


    1.) She works at Harvard law school.  That is generally enough to get the sheep-like morons in this state to vote for you.  Whenever a liberal/progressive sees the bullet point with Harvard Law school next to it they get all faint and misty eyed at the prospect of another Barack Obama.  Libs/Progressives believe that if you come from Harvard Law School you are capable of doing everything you want – excepting of course if you are Mitt Romney.  Then your education sucks and doesn’t matter….

    2.) She worked for Barack Obama in Washington.  She actually worked in the same general area as the Anointed One. She probably even shook his hand at one time or another…..Maybe some of the Anointed One’s magic and fairy dust will get spread around Massachusetts.

    3.) She hates private enterprise.  Another big plus for the folks on the left….Liberals/Progressives hate private enterprise and believe that everything should be done by the government for the people, who clearly are unable to do for themselves.


    1.) There are some people that vote for candidates based on looks.  This is going to be a big problem when she runs against Scott Brown.  It’s funny that I say that because the assumption is that Warren will kick ass in the primary thus making fools of all the folks that ‘had’ been running prior to her entry into the race.  Anyway, Brown is a very good looking guy, and its not the George Clooney kind of good looks either that may prove disarming to most.  Scott Brown is the kind of good looking you find in the nice guy next door.  His good looks are not intimidating.  On the other hand Elizabeth Warren looks like the cover girl for ‘Drab and Frumpy’ magazine.  Sadly there is no way to sexy her up for the election – she just doesn’t have it….

    2.) Elizabeth Warren does not have 5 minutes worth of experience actually making laws.  The Senate seat is largely directed at making laws, and Warren has never, ever, ever had any experience making laws.  Scott Brown has many years in that field.  At some point people in Massachusetts will see that you need to elect people based on their relevant experience and not simply their party affiliation.

    3.) Elizabeth warren was in charge of TARP oversight.  I learned this from Wikipedia, which is already updated with her ‘candidacy for Senate’ information. Warren was the Chairperson tasked with overseeing the TARP funds and their allocation from the federal reserve, as well as reviewing the state of the markets and the current regulatory system.  So let’s be clear – Elizabeth Warren had responsibility for TARP oversight for the federal reserve.  To share with you how that went read here:

    “If the Troubled Asset Relief Program is any indication, unchecked efforts to rapidly spend billions of dollars involve significant risks of waste, fraud, and abuse, and raise serious questions about the appropriate distribution of taxpayer dollars.”

    Unlike with the TARP, we must have a clear path toward fiscal responsibility. There must be proactive measures in place to ensure these billions do not fall victim to programmatic failures and bureaucratic mishaps.”

    The quotes above are from Darrell Issa who sits on the House Committee on oversight and government reform.  He speaks of TARP as a wasted effort and rife with abuse, and fraud.  Who should be to blame for that?  I would say the committee enacted to oversee it – and that committee was chaired by Elizabeth Warren.

    4.) Her leadership experience is thin.  Elizabeth Warren will tell tall tales of her success at the TARP Congressional Oversight Panel and her days leading the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  The fact is that most out of work Americans have been on unemployment longer than Elizabeth Warren has held any leadership position.  Warren was named Chairperson of the TARP oversight Panel in November of 2009, and less than a year later (October 2010) resigned to lead the CFPB.  Ten months later she is running for Senate!  This meteoric rise is similar to the one that placed Barack Obama in the White House.  Anybody regretting that one yet?  

    5.) Elizabeth Warren pals around with the farthest left radicals.  She has appeared on Bill Maher’s show and even had appeared in Michael Moore’s movie: “Capitalism, A love Story”.  This movie is Hollywood’s message that capitalism has failed!  Michael Moore is to Elizabeth Warren what Rev Wright is to Barack Obama.  

    6.) Warren is the establishment candidate.  Today, even among democrats and Independents, people are looking for someone outside the mainstream bureaucracy.  That is what is making the Tea Party so popular – outsiderness.  Warren is the quintessential ‘insider’ and she will fail to mobilize the conservative Democrats and middle.  People are more concerned with getting a job than they are furthering the democrat party effort to remain a one party state.  

    I predict Elizabeth warren will fail in her attempt to bring home the Ted Kennedy seat.

  • It didn’t take long for Warren to side with Gov. Patrick in opposing the Secure Communities program. She backed the governor’s stand against the law enforcement program the first moring of her campaign.  The Harvard Law professor questions whether law enforcment agencies sharing information about illegal immigrants will make us safer.

    The Herald has the details:


    Elections matter, Exhibit 1: Brown supports Secure Communities, Warren opposes.  You decide.      

  • demolisher

    Bank of America is laying of 30K employees?  Well thats a good start but I’m sure between her and Barney Frank and the latest government lawsuits, they can do better than that – maybe even bring about a second bailout.

    Never mind about those loans you might need.

    Elizabeth “Tarp 2” Warren.

  • geo999

    Remember, this is Massachusetts.

    One reason we have Scott Brown in the Senate is that the kook left voter was unwilling to venture out on a crappy winter’s day, even to hold onto “Teddy’s Seat” – being basically of the lazy mindset that “the other guy” would get the job done.

    2012, being a Presidential election, will give Warren the advantage of busloads of straight-ticket conscripts, bought for the price of a pack of cigarettes, showing up at the polls.