Globe’s editors finally notice the tragic death of Matthew Denice… sort of.

I almost missed this Globe editorial.  It ran on September 11, a day when I and most everyone I know was otherwise focused.

While it is nice to see the Globe’s editorial board finally taking notice of the late Matthew Denice and the direct role that the continuing lack of immigration law enforcement at all levels played in his killing by an illegal immigrant whose lengthy and serious rap sheet ought to have resulted in his deportation years ago, the editorial itself is a breathtaking exercise in evasion.  Evasion of what?  Evasion of any mention whatsoever of Governor Patrick’s steadfast refusal to participate in the Secure Communities program, or the oft-stated desire of local law enforcement officials – including in Milford – to join that program.  This pink elephant isn’t just sitting in the corner.  It’s squatting right there on the editorial keyboard.  And the editors are at pains to type right around it.

“Drunk Driving Suspect Should Have Been Deported” is the title.  Yes.  He sure as hell should have been.

“Ecuadorean officials attended the town hall demonstration to express

their sympathies to the Denice family. But the true target audience for

this outpouring of pain should be the US Congress and the Immigration

and Customs Enforcement agency,” the editors write.  Not the Governor who refuses to allow local law enforcement in Massachusetts to send arrest information directly to that agency, mind you.  The agency itself.

Here is the real jaw-dropper:

What ICE owes people in Milford and everywhere else is an accelerated

focus on dangerous illegal immigrants like Guaman, who was arrested in

2008 on charges of breaking and entering and assaulting public safety

workers. But instead of forming effective partnerships with local police

departments to ferret out illegals with criminal records, ICE has been

heavy-handed and bureaucratic to the point that some police openly

oppose ICE’s Secure Communities initiative.

Chutzpah for the record books. A more accurate re-write of that final line might read… READ THE REST at CriticalMASS

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