Drivers licenses should be free

Coming up with the $75 for a Drivers licenses or the $50 for a renewal doesn’t bother most people too much: we grumble but we usually don’t have too much trouble paying it. Poor people on the other hand often have to borrow money, or steal it even, in order to get what is a modern necessity to get a good job and provide for a family. Even if people don’t drive, they still need an ID for lots of things. The ripple effect of having to come up with $75 spreads a lot of hardship and pain through lots of people, especially if you are the person whose house was broken into to come up with $75. And seeing as everyone pretty much has to pay it equally, let’s make it free for everyone, equally, to stop that ripple effect.

Given that they have to be free if we are going to stop impersonation of registered voters by requiring a photo ID, why not make them free right now? We’d lose that revenue of course, but “starve the beast”, right guys?

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