BHI Weekly Dispatch: Forbes cites BHI study; Coming up! Conference on Trade between Canada and NE

Writing in Forbes this week, an old friend Merrill Matthews of the Texas-based Institute for Policy Innovation took note of our recent study on RomneyCare.

Defenders of the plan predicted that comprehensive reform would lower health care spending-just as they did when promoting ObamaCare.  And yet the Boston-based Beacon Hill Institute points out in “The High Price of Massachusetts Health Care Reform” that total costs-federal, state and private-have increased by $8.6 billion over the program’s first five years.

Supporters claim that Massachusetts has only 2 percent uninsured, the lowest in the country.  But that decline is largely because the government is subsidizing so many people.  And having all those people insured hasn’t reduced expensive emergency room visits, which are up 7.2 percent, according to Beacon Hill, in part because of access problems.

In the coming weeks BHI will release another study examining the overall economic effects on Massachusetts of Chapter 58.

Meanwhile, a BHI study criticizing Renewable Portfolio Standards in Ohio has prompted one legislator there to move toward rolling back the energy mandates. The Bloomberg BusinessWeek report is here.

The Beacon Hill Institute and the Consulate General of Canada in  Boston will sponsor a half-day discussion, "Economic Challenges to Trade  and Integration." The symposium will feature keynote speakers from U.S.  and Canada and panel discussions on investment & clean technology  and will take place on Thursday, September 29, 2011 at 9 a.m. at Suffolk  Law School, 120 Tremont Street, Boston.

In addition to a panel on investment and clean technology the event will also feature an armchair discussion with two keynote Speakers:

Colin Robertson, former Minister of the Washington Secretariat at the Canadian Embassy in D.C. and Dr. Christopher Sands, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute.

Feel free to RSVP today!

Details can be found here or here.  

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