A Picture is Worth a 1000 Votes

Massachusetts should be among the states ensuring the integrity of the vote. How did the birthplace of the American experiment become such a hotbed of complacency?

Did not the Election Commission in Worcester just determine forty-five percent of the names on the voting list were inactive voters? And the only way these missing persons will be allowed to vote is to show an ID and sign a form?

Sounds like someone was not keeping up on their paperwork and a compelling reason for ensuring the identity of each voter. Doesn’t government have a duty to identify and verify who is voting? There are many states that require Voter ID.

I believe the vast majority of residents would support providing any registered voter with a free ID. This would not be a mandate for every voter, but just those unable to pay for one.

A Mansfield attorney, Olivier Kozlowski has sued the Attorney General’s off ice to put a question on the ballot next year asking voters to support having voters show an ID after AG Martha Coakley failed to certify the ballot question.

Last week the Massachusetts Supreme Court ordered the Secretary of State’s office to print the signature sheets while the matter is being considered. The SOS has two weeks to print the signature sheets. The group known as VOTER ID has until mid November to gather 69,000 signatures.

In an online Boston Herald poll on Monday 9/12, 94 percent were in favor of Voter ID.

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