Auditor Bump’s Devilish Hiring Practices

Seriously, the patronage hiring of Travaglini and Jacques wasn’t bad enough, now we find out state auditor Suzanne Bump had a satanic cult leader on the payroll?……

A convicted killer, called a “success story” by State Auditor Suzanne Bump after hiring her to work in a state office, is back in prison for violating parole, officials said.

Robin Murphy, who spent 24 years in prison for the 1979 slaying of a young hooker who was beheaded during a satanic ritual in Fall River, has been re-incarcerated on a parole violation at MCI Framingham, said Department of Correction spokeswoman Diane Wiffin.

Bump said she was disappointed to hear that Murphy – who worked a $41,000-a-year state customer service job – is again behind bars.

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  • We found that out during the campaign. Funny how it wasn’t picked up by more media outlets. However, the trumped-up and ridiculous charges of theft at the Treasury by Mary Z. were given plenty of media time.

    And yes, I’m still bitter that we, not as Republicans but as a Commonwealth, lost a chance to have a real auditor for MA and elected just another machine politician instead.

  • geo999

    Someone like this should not be free, much less working for a hack Democrat pol on our dime.