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Alas, state Retirement Board does not give DiMasi a Pass

I must admit to being truly puzzled by the light sentence given to former Speaker and convicted felon Sal DiMasi.  Eight years does not seem sufficient for the criminal offense that he committed.  There is no more despicable a public servant than one who would try to enrich himself at the expense of our political system.  A political system I might add that has been built and defended with the blood of generations of patriots.   Perhaps the good citizens of Massachusetts should be grateful that DiMasi received any time at all not to mention receiving far less than the minimum mandated time provided under Federal guidelines.  

That said, what has undoubtedly put a smile on many an honest, hard working, tax paying resident is the fact that the state Retirement Board has halted his $4,951.00/month state pension.  Like many other exasperated individuals in this Commonwealth, I had hoped that a tough prison sentence might finally send a clear and unambiguous message to those who choose to join the ‘kleptocracy’ that has become endemic upon the once noble – Beacon Hill.  

I am embarrassed and ashamed of what these individuals have done to the idealism and perception of a generation of youth who might otherwise have sought to join and build upon what should have been an exemplary record of doing what is best for our state and nation.  I do not mean to indict all on Beacon Hill as I know for a fact that there are honest and decent men and women serving.  I have the pleasure of counting many of them amongst my friends.

DiMasi has temporarily lost his pension and I only hope that the state Retirement Board will not reinstate it after his release.  Send a clear warning to all who would undertake or even think about raping our Commonwealth.  I for one am dumbfounded by the fact that many are reluctant to take their Party members to task.  Where is your sense of decency? Where are your priorities?  Is it more important that the ‘ruling Party’ dominates this state or might you finally feel a greater sense of honor and duty to something of far more consequence than either Party can muster.  

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