Wisconsin Unions are the Astroturf Behind the BobbleheadBrown.com

It looks like the Wisconsin Unions and Democratic Party are behind the new Scott Brown attack site www.bobbleheadbrown.com and the new “grassroots group” MassUniting.  

This Bobble Head Brown website was registered by a company headquartered in Wisconsin. The founder of the company is Jason Stephany who is now MASS Uniting Comms Director, but he’s from Wisconsin, and is a former ED of the Wisconsin Democratic party.

The Website BobbleHeadBrown.com Was Registered By A Wisconsin Company – The JSK Group. (GoDaddy WHOIS Search, http://www.who.godaddy.com/whois, Accessed 8/22/11)

Jason A. Stephany Is Listed As The Registered Agent For The JSK Group. (Wisconsin Department Of Financial Institutions, http://www.wdfi.org, Accessed 8/22/11)

The JSK Group, Formed By Stephany In January 2010, Is Headquartered In Middleton, Wisconsin. (Wisconsin Department Of Financial Institutions, http://www.wdfi.org, Accessed 8/22/11)

Stephany Was The Named The Executive Director Of The Democratic Party Of Wisconsin In 2009. (Democratic Party Of Wisconsin, “DPW Chair Wineke Names Jason Stephany Executive Director,” Press Release, 2/24/09)

Stephany Was Involved With A Wisconsin Labor Union PAC Last October. “Citizens for Fox Valley Jobs (CFVJ) … This is a new political action committee of regional labor interests based in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. … Jason Stephany, former executive director of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin, is also listed as a contact for the PAC.” (Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Website, http://www.wisdc.org, Accessed 8/22/11)

Stephany Is A Spokesman For MASS Uniting. (Johanna Kaiser, “Brown: Economic Anxiety Stifles Business Expansion,” The Associated Press, 8/5/11)

Wisconsin Astroturf in Massachusetts.  No wonder BoldProgressives.org thought Elizabeth Warren was running against Scott Walker.

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