Whoops – It’s Actually the SEIU that’s behind MassUniting and BobbleheadBrown

Earlier today, based on some digging, I posted that it seemed that the Wisconsin Unions were behind the new attack ad on U.S. Senator Scott Brown (R-MA). I was wrong.  As Concerned Voter in Massachusetts(CVIM) so hopefully pointed out, I just found out who their spokesperson was, and that they used a Wisconsin company to buy the domain.  

Based on that tip from CVIM, I decided to do a little more digging.  So I decided to have someone look up their filing with the Massachusetts Secretary of State and send it to me.  They are registered as a 501(c)4.  527s as you know are so yesterday, the 501(c)4’s are where it’s at in the post Citizens United world. Here are the officers of the corporation (so MassUniting are not people?).

I then decided to see who Patrick McCabe, referenced above, was first.  According to his LinkedIn profile he is the Executive Director of a local SEIU.

Cliff Cohn on the other hand is the Executive director of yet another SEIU Local.  This one is Local 509.  The offices of MassUniting are a few doors down from this SEIU’s offices.

So much for openness and transparency in their advertising.  If in fact MassUniting is proud in their anti-Scott Brown views, why not say the ad is paid for by the SEIU?  Perhaps it’s because Unions are not seen in a very good light these days.  On the other hand it does get kind of odd when your members openly support the candidate you are working against.

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