Two Polling Calls I received in the last 10 days

(The left begins push polling. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

In the last week or so, I received two interesting polling calls at home.  The first was all about Scott Brown.  They tested a few names: John Keryy, Obama, Scott Brown and Deval Patrick – no potential challengers, which makes me think it is an out of state interest group.

The poll was brutal.  Not only was the guy asking the questions having a hard time getting through the text, the questions were just plain nasty.

Did you know Scott Brown voted to cut $250 payments to Social Security recipients?  Does that make you less likely to support him?

Did you know Scott voted to eliminate 17,000 jobs in Massachusetts?  Does that make you less likely to support him?

They seriously asked questions where the choices I had were: Very supportive of Scott’s position; Somewhat supportive of Scott’s position; Somewhat unsupportive of Scott’s position; Very unsupportive of Scott’s position; Neutral or “I do not believe the statement”.  Seriously?  I do not believe the statement?

This thing was such as sham.  They presented 2 or 3 positions which supposedly come from Scott’s supporters like “Scott supports don’t ask, don’t tell”.  Really?  That doesn’t even make the top 20 statements of most supporters I would guess . . . this was a negative message test, no question about it.

Look for more ads from the League of Women Voters, MoveOn and other liberal groups to pick up.

The second call was about Verizon, prior to the strike:

They asked the generic baseline questions to start – what do I think of AT&T, Comcast, Verizon and the CWA . . . then they got into the juicy stuff.  The poll was pretty clearly commissioned by the CWA to determine what messages would resonate with the public.

The long and short was that the CWA wanted to preserve pensions, health care costs and keep Verizon from shipping their jobs to other states or overseas.

Their defenses which they tested were:

1. Verizon Execs made over $270 million since 2007 and they want to eliminate pensions for employees.

2. Verizon made record profits in the past few years and they want employees to pay more for their health care costs.

When they tested the Verizon messages, I got less sympathetic:

1. Verizon says they only want to eliminate pensions for new employees.

2. Verizon currently pays 100% of the employees health insurance premiums and they want employees to start paying a portion.

Well . . . as a Verizon customer I did not get the option of cut pensions for new employees, increase employee share of health insurance and reduce executive pay – and reduce rates to customers . . . but it seems to me like that should be an option.  

I am basing my opinion here on the poll information given and the Globe’s saccarine strike story today – but my guess is this is a strike which will cost me – the consumer – more money in the end.

Two crazy polls . . .  

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