Two Lakeville Republicans Seek Victory in 12th Bristol Primary

Please join us on Tuesday, August 16 at the New Bedford’s Shawmut Diner at 6:30 pm for a meet & greet with both candidates!

I’ve met with both candidates at length and either would make us proud.  The primary is Tuesday, August 23 and I hope for vigorous and passionate support of your preferred candidate but let us come together afterwards and work together, united, with the common goal of taking the 12th Bristol back on Tuesday, September 20, for not just the Republican Party but the taxpayers!…

Derek Maksy, a 47-year-old Lakeville selectman, cranberry grower and supervisor for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, is facing off against Keiko Orrall, a 43-year-old secretary and former teacher who currently home-schools her children. Both are spouses and parents whose elections would mark their debut in state government.

She described a new drug-screening-for-welfare law in Florida and said she’d support something similar as “a way to cut some of the people who perhaps are not as needy.” Orrall stresses the need for transparency for people receiving taxpayer dollars and, as a state representative, said she’d not only forgo stipends for travel to Boston but would look to cut these stipends for others.

He is in favor of small business tax credits and a taxpayer Bill of Rights that would limit increases in state spending to the rate of population growth plus the rate of inflation. At the same time, he said he supports proposed legislation to fix the state’s Chapter 70 education aid, slightly above historical levels, at 8 percent of a year’s total appropriations.

Both candidates have lengthy local political portfolios, but who is better for the district?…

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