So, Um, Nothing Here About Eric Fehrnstrom and “CrazyKhazei”?

Earlier in the week, Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno spewed out not one not two but three front-page posts breathlessly exclaiming that he unearthed diabolical secrets about an organization that was not remotely secretive.  “It was Wisconsin Democrats behind Bobblehead Brown!!!!”  “No, wait, it was the SEIU behind Bobblehead Brown!!!!”  David Bernstein of the Boston Phoenix rightfully mocked Eno because you can’t have uncovered a secret when you have their official documents and organizational listing right out there in the public eye.

Fast forward barely forty-eight hours.  We have an actual situation involving deceit and hidden identity involving Scott Brown; only, now, it’s on the side of Team Scotto.

For about a month or so, somebody has been running a Twitter account mocking one of Scott Brown’s Democratic opponents.  Surely, it must be some random Khazei-hater or Brown supporter because anything sanctioned by the campaign with the content contained in the Twitter account would be juvenile, unprofessional, and deceptive.

Uh oh.  Bad news.

It turns out that the childish, unprofessional, deceptive antics were conducted by none other than Scott Brown and Mitt Romney senior adviser Eric Fehrnstrom.  It’s not some random supporter or some overzealous campaign intern.  It’s one of the senior-most members of the team going Bush League with this unprofessional nonsense.

Further, it seems likely that the campaign knew about the deceitful shenanigans the entire time since Rob Willington, former MassGOP executive director who’s also working for Brown’s re-election, registered in January.  It’s not like these are coincidences.

Should Fehrnstrom step aside from the Brown and Romney campaigns?  Should the Brown campaign explain publicly what they knew and when they knew it, and apologize all around?  Maybe.  I don’t know.  I’m not going to call for that – though it would be an impressive demonstration of contrition on Fehrnstrom’s part if he did step down or if Scott Brown did apologize for his campaign’s childishness and deceit.  Rather, I’ll simply point out that if the exact same thing happened with a Democratic adviser to a Democratic candidate, RMGers would be apoplectic, and you know it.  There would be calls for apologies, resignations, and then some.

But a Republican did it, so it’s OK with you.  Because integrity runs high here.

I mean, look what happened when a Wisconsin politico took a job in Massachusetts and the SEIU joined a political collaborative with other organizations.  Eno went nuts “uncovering secrets”!!!!  Hand-wringing all around.  But actual political deception and malfeasance occurs and we have nothing but silence.

A couple of hilarious post-scripts.  First is the profile in courage demonstrated by poster-coward Rob Willington:

We reached Willington this morning by phone and asked him to comment on his connection to the web address and the Twitter account.

“I just got off a plane in Washington. Can I call you right back?” he asked.

The phone did not ring in the ensuing six hours, and a follow-up call from the Globe to Willington’s cell phone bounced to voicemail after the first ring.

The second is the cutting-right-to-the-chase done by the Blue Blog from which Red Mass Group “borrowed” its name after Ferhnstrom offered an extremely lame explanation with no apology:

Of course, this explanation – that it was just a little diversion that Fehrnstrom undertook for a few yuks – beggars belief.  Fehrnstrom, whatever else he may be, is a professional, and it’s exceedingly difficult to imagine that he was operating a Twitter account in which he was impersonating one of his star client’s potential opponents and mocking others of them without some sort of sanction from the Brown campaign.

So the question now becomes: WHAT DID SCOTT BROWN KNOW, AND WHEN DID HE KNOW IT??  The Brown campaign can’t clam up forever about this.  Sooner or later, they, as well as Team Romney, will have to offer some comment on Fehrnstrom’s dark deeds.

I’m expecting Brown, Fehrnstrom and Willington to avoid all comment about this from now ’til the end of time because, hey, they’re such stand-up guys.

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