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By Jeff Semon Candidate for U.S. Congress MA-7 Please visit for more information

As conservatives, we believe the Constitution is a divinely inspired document that sets the foundation of the greatest nation in history. Our unique Constitution created three separate branches of government as well as a system of checks and balances in order to prevent abuses of power. When the structure is working correctly, the process of making law can be slow, detailed and arduous.

That is why progressives / liberals have been trying to erode our Constitution for over a hundred years. They want immediate change at their discretion while condescendingly believing they know what is  “best for us.”

We know they are wrong, but in order to build a better country, we must do more than just recognize the fallacies of progressive / liberal policies. Redirecting our government toward its original fundamentals laid out in the Constitution will be the key to our success.

Why do I mention this? Right now, Republicans only control the House of Representatives, giving us limited power to impart the kind of fiscal responsibility (significant cuts in spending) we desperately need as a country.

In spite of this factor, we still have the power to influence the structure of the recent debt ceiling deal. On its face, the deal seems to raise the ceiling by a little over $2 Trillion with an equal amount of spending cuts. $900 Billion over 10 years and $1.5 Trillion determined by a commission at a later date. Unfortunately, the increase in our ceiling is not over 10 years and the commission allows Congress to not do its job.

Anyone who looks at this deal knows that it just delays the inevitable. The breakdown of spending cuts works out to approximately $200 Billion (around 5% of what we currently expend) each year. I emphasize currently because it doesn’t actually cut spending. It slightly reduces the extraordinary levels of spending Obama and the Democrats have engaged in. It merely acts as a small speed bump on the road to ruin. Forty two cents of every dollar we spend is borrowed and we are throwing a nickel at it.    

Too many times in our past, we have seen deals like this one where taxes (in this case the debt ceiling) go up and the spending cuts melt away. I certainly hope that this situation does not happen again, but I am not holding my breath. The truth is we are in serious trouble as long as the Democrats remain in power. That is why 2012 is so important.

People with common sense, an understanding of fiscal responsibility, and a desire to see our country prosper recognize that we must cut spending. There is simply no other alternative that does not lead to financial collapse. The kind of spending cuts we need will not happen as long as Barack Obama is President, unless we possess a veto proof majority in Congress or have representatives who are willing to hold firm to the debt ceiling and spend only what we take in (i.e. a balanced budget).

We clearly do not have the kind of elected leadership capable of fixing this crisis.

The debt ceiling battle is just one of many we will fight with this President and the Democrats. We need to reform Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. We need to cut Federal bureaucracies on our terms. We need to get government out of the way so American businesses can create jobs. None of these goals will take place unless more Republicans win in 2012. President Obama is determined to keep spending and spending as if there is literally no tomorrow. And there will not be one if he gets his way.

Until then, however, we must respect our Constitution and acknowledge that the bigger battle will be fought next year at the polls. A few weeks ago, I wrote an article stating that an acceptable compromise would be no tax increases and dollar for dollar cuts. Given the cuts in this deal are not immediate, but the raising of the ceiling is, this does not qualify as a good deal. It is a compromise and with compromise, both sides must sacrifice.

Republicans are accepting a rise in the debt ceiling and Democrats are supposedly accepting spending cuts.

There are even some members of Congress, such as Ed Markey, who are unwilling to even recognize that we need to cut our budget deficit, let alone our national debt. For the rest of us who live in the real world, we need to do one simple thing: support every Republican running against a Democrat nationwide through social media, talking with your friends and neighbors, and most importantly, financial support. There are nine congressional races here in Massachusetts alone, plus Scott Brown’s re-election.

There will be challengers to Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, Maxine Waters and God-willing, Nancy Pelosi.  Each and every one of us should be helping to turn the tide. It is going to take more than staying informed. We must stay involved.

Right now, the Democrats can sit and not worry about our debt, but as soon as interest rates go up – which they will – our options are considerably more limited. A greater percentage of our revenue will have to service just the interest on the debt, not including the principal!

Republicans who voted no on this deal deserve our admiration. Democrats, such as Ed Markey and Barney Frank who voted no on this deal, because it cuts too much spending, are part of the problem. There is only one way to guarantee a future for ourselves, our children and the free world as we know it. Two words: VOTE REPUBLICAN.

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