Patrick-Murray spend $1.3M for UMass Medical to Study How to Help Fat Teachers Lose Weight

As many of you know I have a tortured history with weight. Over the past ten years I’ve been as high as 360 lbs at least four times, including this past winter.  I’m now about 293 and still losing.  One could rightfully call me fat.

Now I know that there is a simple method to losing weight.  Eat less calories than you expend.  If you do that for a long enough time,  you’ll lose weight.  You just need the discipline, sometimes this is easier said than done.  

What amazes me is that the Patrick-Murray administration thought is was a good idea to spend $1.3M of stimulus money with UMass Medical to figure out how to teach teachers that simple fact.

What did the $1.3M get UMass Medical to do?  You’ll see after the jump.

We are in Phase II (Intervention Implementation and Evaluation) of the study. The following tasks have been completed: 1) At each school in the enhanced intervention condition, one or two staff members who serve as the Step Ahead ‘coach’ are paid by the study to devote a few hours each week, above and beyond their usual responsibilities at the high school, to plan, implement and promote intervention activities. School nurses, physical education teachers, librarians, and classroom teachers serve in these positions. 2) Employee Advisory Groups (EAGs) have met at least twice at each of the schools randomized to the enhanced intervention condition. The purpose of the EAG is to brainstorm ideas as to how to improve the environment for healthy eating and physical activity, and to assist the ‘coach’ and study staff with program planning, implementation and promotion. 3) Employees at the six enhanced schools continued to participate in walking challenges, using high-quality pedometers provided in the fall. Prizes were awarded, including items for each member of the winning teams, for improvement in number of steps, and for the person at each school who walked the most steps. Additional prizes were given for participation. A 5K run/walk was held at one school. 4) All of the enhanced intervention schools are working on providing or improving staff access to fitness centers and showers, and providing healthy eating options for staff. The study goal is to have such changes reflected in written policy, and to have the policy followed or maintained. 5) Exercise classes are being offered at all enhanced schools. Classes include zumba, kickboxing, yoga, pilates, walking and strength training combined, and mixed activity. Weekly basketball games are held at 2 of the enhanced schools. 6) Strength training classes have been provided. Each employee who attends a class receives a stretch band to keep and learns a short routine exercising all major muscle groups.

So let’s get this right.  Not only are they paying “researchers” to study this.  They’ve determined that it takes exercise to lose weight.  Not only that, the teachers are getting free exercise classes in “zumba, kickboxing, yoga, pilates, walking and strength training combined, and mixed activity”.  Also in two schools there are stimulus funded basketball games.  

Anybody know where I can get a stimulus funded stretch band.

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