One America, Many Voices?

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Today Senator John Kerry (D-MA) said on MSNBC that “the media has a responsibility to not give the Tea Party equal time”. The fact that a sitting United States Senator would ignore the 1st Amendment and advocate for blatant media censorship is absolutely abhorrent. What’s even worse is that Senator Kerry is a Democratic standard bearer whose views are shared by the majority of his progressive colleagues, both in DC and throughout the Massachusetts Congressional delegation. It is absolutely terrifying to think that this man once came very close to duping the nation into electing him President.

The Tea Party’s core issues of spending cuts, limited government and a balanced budget (spending what we take in, which would be far more plausible if we did not raise the debt ceiling) are now considered “extreme” by the Democratic Party. Our leaders decided to irresponsibly add over $2 Trillion to our debt in the short term–and the only voices protesting this were those of Tea Party activists and common sense conservatives in Congress. Senator Kerry believes that breaking the cycle of Washington spending that has led to unprecedented levels of deficit and debt is an “absurd notion”. Now he wants to silence the voices of reason. This is beyond his usual arrogance. It is downright dangerous!

Out of touch progressive demagogues, many of whom are also career politicians like John Kerry, Barney Frank and Ed Markey, continue to bury their heads in the sand and fail to realize that we will have to balance our budget. The only question is whether this occurs on our terms or those of our creditors. This willful ignorance to reality, coupled with the incessant class warfare assertion that we can make the “evil rich” pay more of their “fair share” to solve our deficit and debt, is actually quite ridiculous. (Do the math…the numbers don’t add up.)  We simply MUST cut spending– and the more John Kerry and his friends try to silence the majority of American citizens, the more vocal those who disagree with this Administration and the Democratic Party must become.  

I call on all citizens of the Commonwealth, regardless of Party affiliation, to denounce their senior Senator’s irresponsible comments. As a tax payer and voter, I also demand that our Congressional delegation take a position on this issue. Ed Markey, Barney Frank: Will you denounce Senator Kerry’s assault on the US Constitution or will you join him on the fast track toward the unemployment line? I thank you in advance for your prompt response.

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