Niki Tsongas only member of MA Cong delegation holding August Town Hall meetings – Why?

One would think that with all time low favorability polling for members of Congress that they would be anxious to get back out in  front of the people and start winning back their support.  Not so in Massachusetts!  It appears that only Niki Tsongas feels the need to connect with her constituents during this troubled time where surely there are many questions to be answered about jobs creation and the economy.

The group ‘No Labels’ is reporting on the town hall meetings on Facebook and they find that 90% of the MA delegation doesn’t want/or feel the need to meet with their voters.  No labels has contacted all 432 sitting members of Congress and only 174 are holding meetings.  That is about 40% in total.  Democrats are less likely to be holding meetings as 68% have decided to forego meetings while 51% of Republicans are not holding meetings.  Rather miserable statistics given our situation!

So if ever you felt a need to vote someone out of office – this might be it.  They spend their time in Washington spending our money and when the country is nearly bankrupt they return home during a recess and completely avoid any communication with us.  Even whatsisface, the new guy, Keating doesn’t give a rat’s ass about meeting with his people.  That is awful.

If I were part of the delgation, and I knew one seat was going away due to the population results of the latest census – I would be working double time to protect my seat and make myself as important, connected and in touch as possible.  I guess these 9 clowns can’t be bothered.  

Kudos to Niki Tsongas.  Shame on the other clowns!

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