MLK monument a disgrace…..

One of the greatest of all Americans was the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  One of the greatest abominations in our national history will be his monument.

Aside from the fact that it cost a staggering 120,000,000 dollars, an investigation recently found that the family of Martin Luther King demanded $800,000 to use his image and words in creating the monument.

The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s family has charged the foundation building a monument to the civil-rights leader on the National Mall about $800,000 to use his words and image — and at least one scholar thinks that Dr. King would find such an arrangement offensive.

No other memorial erected in Washington in the name of an historic American figure has ever had to pay to recreate the person’s words or image! Not George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, FDR or even John F Kennedy – not one!

Aside from paying the King family to erect a monument to their beloved patriarch, the taxpayers of the United States are on the hook for many millions that are needed to maintain this project.  Congress has appropriated $20 million toward the project and the National Park Service is tasked with maintaining the property.  

Aside from the disgrace of having to pay the King family to build a monument to MLK at taxpayer expense, I am surprised that the leftists haven’t screamed and yelled over the fact that the words of a Baptist Minister are being printed for all to see at taxpayer expense.  Where is the outrage?  Why isn’t the American Civil Liberties Union holding a boycott of this obvious religious site?  It is unheard of to take the words from a Baptist Minister, many spoken in sermons, and paste them up for all to see and admire in a national monument.  Isn’t this a perfect example of government stuffing religion down our throats?  Why are they forcing me to pay for their religious beliefs?  What about the children?  Somehow someone must be offended by this?  The man was a preacher for crying out loud!  

Could it be that we will overlook the blatantly religious nature of this monument due to the fact that the man memorialized is Baptist Christian preacher black?  

It’s all a disgrace, not because of what it is, but because of the rules it breaks and the silence from the left.  

I guess I can forgive them when I see the taxpayer funded monument to Billy Graham and Norman Vincent Peale erected with utter silence from the left….. Tell their wives they likely won’t see a check out of it though…..

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