How much tax is a ‘fair’ tax?

I keep hearing Barack Obama talk about how he wants to get rich people to pay their ‘fair’ share.  So what is a fair share?  Can any of our left leaning friends on this website define for me what ‘fair’ is?  So far, all I know is that ‘fair’ somehow means ‘more’.  

This is a serious question, and I would be saddened if the left (CVIM, Festus Malarkey) overlooked this opportunity to help me understand what fair is, so I can be more in tune with their logic.

Perhaps you can give me a number?  Is 20% of income fair, or 30% of income, or 70% of income?  And how did you arrive at that number?

Or, don’t use numbers.  Tell me what it is you think our tax system should do/provide/offer.  i.e. provide for these programs 1…2…3…4  etc.. based on this logic….

Here is your chance to really define the ‘fair’ tax for me….

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