Greater Boston Tea Party responds to Senator John Kerry

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Tea Party activists are proud of the Tea Party Caucus in Congress standing up for sane fiscal policy during the debt ceiling debate. The American people voted for a new direction in economic policy in November 2010 and the House did its best to deliver on its promise to rein in spending and work towards decreasing our national debt. Senator Kerry’s rhetoric is appalling. Congress tried to deliver what the tax payers wanted – it was Senate Democrats’ refusal to vote on bills coming from the House that prolonged the debate.

Today, we are seeing the results of the abysmal deal struck in Congress. Credit rating agencies continue to doubt the US’s ability to make the tough choices necessary to stabilize our economy, financial markets have gone wobbly and confidence in the President is at an all time low. If anyone is holding Americans hostage, it is ideologues on the left like Senator Kerry who continue to insist their vision of a big government nanny state will eventually solve all the world’s ills, if only common sense would surrender.

Senator Kerry’s suggestion that media outlets ignore the voice of dissent in a nation that prides itself on the right to free speech is more offensive than recent statements made by his Democrat party allies that tea party principle advocates are terrorists. Shame on you, Senator Kerry.  An apology is in order.

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