Gallup: Obama Downgraded to 39% Approval

America has again downgraded its opinion of our sitting president.  Gallup today has Obama at 39 percent approve, 54 percent disapprove.

Here are the numbers:…

This is the first time that Obama has fallen below 40 percent according to Gallup.

Those are horrendous polling numbers for a first-term incumbent.  George Bush’s approval never went below 46 in his first term. Or, to put it differently, Obama'[s numbers are as bad as those of George Bush in the weeks following Hurricane Katrina.…  Bush’s career low–just after the Lehman failure–is just 14 points below where Obama is today.  

Heluva a job Barry.  

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    A new McClatchy-Marist Poll finds 68% of American adults believe the worst of the country’s economic conditions are yet to come but 59% still don’t blame President Obama for the nation’s current economic conditions and 61% think he inherited them.

    In other words, Americans, by and large, recognize that President Obama inherited this mess.  They’re disappointed that the President and the Congress haven’t gotten things back on track yet; but, they’re still very willing to give President Obama support to address the problems.  And (since the post here is about polling, it’s worth noting that) every single poll that I’ve seen asking about the debt ceiling debate blames Speaker Boehner and the Republicans and cuts President Obama and the Democrats slack.

    President Obama is doing little to help his political prospects at the moment; that much is for sure.  But the Republican brand is still in the toilet.

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