FactCheck.org: MassUniting ad “Unsupported” by Facts, “Serious Twisting of Brown’s Words”

SEIU front group MassUniting has been running an anti Scott Brown ad this week.  Factcheck.org has taken a look at the ad and calls it “misleading”, “unsupported”, and a “serious twisting of Brown’s words”.

A misleading liberal ad attacks Sen. Scott Brown as a yes-man for “Wall Street and the national Republican agenda.” The truth is that Brown was one of only three Republican senators to vote for the controversial Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. And the Massachusetts senator votes contrary to other Republican senators once every five or six votes, a more independent record than all but a few in his party.

In addition to taking apart the ad, frame by frame, they confirmed the research first presented here, and mocked by David Bernstein, that the SEIU is in fact the driving force behind the organization.

MassUniting Inc. came into being April 13, when it filed articles of organization with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It listed only two directors, Patrick McCabe (who is executive director of the SEIU Local 888 in Charlestown, Mass.) and Cliff Cohn (who is chief of staff of SEIU Local 509 in Watertown, Mass.). McCabe is listed as MassUniting’s president, and Cohn as treasurer. On its website, the group lists 10 organizations as “coalition partners,” among them the Chinese Progressive Association, Neighbors United for a Better East Boston and Mass Senior Action.

The group’s spokesman, Stephany, said the two SEIU officials who incorporated the organization did so after “months of brainstorming and discussions among the partner organizations,” and that the two sole directors were merely “helpful in shepherding the official filings.” In an exchange of emails with FactCheck.org, he said “SEIU is one of many partners in our ongoing efforts.”

David Bernstein suggested that I learn more about Jobs with Justice. I have, you won’t believe what you read later this week.

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