Down With Health Insurance Mandates…

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Up with freedom, ethical medicine, and respect for human life and dignity!

Massachusetts Citizens for Life, the oldest and largest right-to-life organization in the commonwealth, announced today the start of an initiative petition drive to have repeal of the RomneyCare individual mandate put on the ballot.

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This effort would strip the most controversial part of the existing law, a provision which, by artificially increasing demand, has lead to greatly increased costs which will in turn lead to limited access and rationing of care (some contend it already has).

In addition to those good result, this move will also provide opponents of pro-abortion, pro-rationing ObamaCare with more ammunition in the fight to repeal that destructive piece of legislation.  If mandates are rejected by the state which first instituted the idea, what does that say about the solidity of the foundation upon which ObamaCare is built?

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