Dick Cheney Admits Performing a Coup d’Etat on September 11, 2001

From Dick Cheney’s upcoming memoir:

The New York Times “obtained” a copy of former Vice President Dick Cheney’s memoir, In My Time, which is to be released next week and reports the book “opens with an account of Mr. Cheney’s experiences during the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, when he essentially commanded the government’s response from a bunker beneath the White House while Mr. Bush — who was away from Washington and hampered by communications breakdowns — played a peripheral role. But Mr. Cheney wrote that he did not want to make any formal statement to the nation that day.”

Writes Cheney: “My past government experience, had prepared me to manage the crisis during those first few hours on 9/11, but I knew that if I went out and spoke to the press, it would undermine the president, and that would be bad for him and for the country. We were at war. Our commander in chief needed to be seen as in charge, strong, and resolute — as George W. Bush was.”

Maybe I missed the passage in the U.S. Constitution dealing with being “hampered by communications breakdowns,” but I’m pretty sure that not getting a cell phone signal isn’t sufficient legal grounds for the Vice President to usurp the power of the Presidency.

Maybe Cheney is just taking some dramatic liberties in order to hype book sales.  That said, this passage, taken at its word, suggests that Cheney is admitting performing a coup d’etat on 9/11.

Not that the law applies, or has ever applied, to Dick Cheney.

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