DeNucci Admits to Violating the Conflict of Interest Law – Pays $2,000 Fine

(Wait, isn’t this the guy that was supposed to audit Massachusetts public agencies to uncover conflicts of interest? – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

I always wondered what DeNucci’s office actually did.


August 1, 2011

Contact:  David Giannotti, Communications Division Chief


Former State Auditor A. Joseph DeNucci Admits to Violating the Conflict of Interest Law and Pays a $2,000 Civil Penalty

Hired his 75 year-old cousin for a job in the State Auditor’s Office

The State Ethics Commission (“Commission”) has concluded the adjudicatory proceeding involving former State Auditor A. Joseph DeNucci (“DeNucci”) by approving a Disposition Agreement (“Agreement”) in which DeNucci admitted to violating G.L. c 268A, the conflict of interest law, and agreed to pay a $2,000 civil penalty, and by dismissing the adjudicatory hearing.

The adjudicatory proceeding was initiated on September 9, 2010 by the Commission’s Enforcement Division filing an Order to Show Cause alleging that DeNucci violated section 23 of the conflict of interest law by hiring his cousin, Guy Spezzano (“Spezzano”), to a fraud examiner position with the Office of the State Auditor’s (“OSA”) Bureau of Special Investigations (“BSI”).

According to the Agreement, in January 2008, DeNucci suggested to Spezzano, his unemployed, 75 year-old first cousin, that Spezzano work at the OSA.  Spezzano submitted an incomplete employment application on February 7, 2008, but was nonetheless interviewed for a position on February 14, 2008.  DeNucci offered Spezzano a full-time fraud examiner position by letter dated March 24, 2008, and Spezzano began work in the BSI’s Brockton Office on June 2, 2008 at an annual salary of $40,545, plus benefits.  

The Agreement states that Spezzano did not meet the requirements for the position.  He worked until going out on sick leave on December 1, 2009, and was terminated in April after exhausting all sick leave benefits. Section 23(b)(2) of the conflict law prohibits a state employee from knowingly, or with reason to know, using or attempting to use his official position to secure for himself or others, unwarranted privileges which are of substantial value and which are not available to similarly situated individuals.  According to the Agreement, DeNucci violated section 23(b)(2) by directing his staff to interview, and then by hiring, his unqualified 75 year-old cousin for a position at the OSA.

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  • I asked my wife this question about the Boston Public Schools, from whom we are tasked with just trying to get our money’s worth. What percent is tied up in these political deals, and results in fourth-rate service. She is your standard liberal but even she said 40%.  

  • According to the commission, Spezzano earned a bachelor’s degree in music from Boston University in 1954, worked for 12 years as a meat company salesman and was a professional jazz musician.


    Read somewhere else where Joe said his cuz was “good with numbers.”

  • His Cousin, who per the settlement agreement was admittedly unqualified for the job, get a bit over $60,000 for his year and a half of work plus whatever he collected while out on sick leave.

    This has to qualify for a whole lot more than a $2,000 fine.

    Look at the injustice here.  Chuck Turner takes $100 or $1,000 depending on who you believe and he is in JAIL.  Joe hires his unqualified cousin and defrauds the Commonwealth of many multiples more than Chuck is accused of taking and he get a $2,000 fine!!  

    The least that they could do is follow the securities industry where fines are regularly the amount involved plus the return of the amount involved.  In this case good ole Joe would be looking at something north of $120,000 in fines.  Now that’s a deterent!!

    Finally, paging Ms. Coakley, how about public fraud here?