Clearing the way for Liz Warren: Globe picks on Alan Khazei

It’s never to early to clear the way for Liz Warren, the putative favorite to take on incumbent U.S. Senator Scott Brown next year. Can the Globe be any clearer in who it would like to be the Democratic nominee? In today’s Globe, the local paper of record, decided to put the squeeze on Alan Khazei identifying a conflict of interest at Be the Change, the nonprofit the former Democratic candidate founded in 2007.

The Globe says that Khazei hired his brother, Lance Khazei, a creative writer to work on the foundation. Khazei said the arrangement was transparent and had the blessing of the board of directors.

While not a high crime and misdemeanor, the conflict offers the Globe another opportunity to lay a hit on Alan Khazei.

The board did not review his brother’s contract before it was approved, according to Khazei and Kevin Jennings, who replaced Khazei as president and chief executive of Be the Change in late July.

“It was my approval with the senior team,” Khazei said. “It was such a small amount, $50 an hour, $2,500 a month.”

But the nonprofit’s conflict-of-interest policy says if officers have a financial interest “directly or indirectly, through business, investment, or family” in a contract, the issue needs to come before the board to determine whether the interest amounts to a conflict of interest. The board is supposed to review the situation outside the presence of the parties that may be in conflict, according to the policy.

If the board finds a conflict, it is supposed to seek alternatives before voting on whether to agree to such an arrangement, according to the policy.

This clearly is small stuff. If it were bigger than that would Martha Coakley, the state Attorney General, take note?

Say what you will about Alan Khazei, he’s a solid fellow who helped start City Year. He’s done more than most Democratic politicians who have created little except hot air.  

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