12th Bristol Special Election Results – Keiko Orrall has won GOP Primary

9:00 PM – Derek Maksy won Freetown 65 to 54.  Keiko Orrall won Taunton 17-12.  Derek Maksy has just conceded via telephone to Keiko Orrall.

8:45 PM – Just got a text.  Orrall has won precinct 4 in Middleboro 74-17.  The spread looks like it may be tough for Maksy to surmount.

8:30 PM – Middleboro had a ballot box failure and is hand counting.  I’m on my way to Maksy party.  The Orrall folks are feeling confident in their early lead.

8:10 PM – Lakeville results are in.  Keiko garners 362 votes to Derek’s 240.  

8:00PM – The polls have closed. Good luck to both Keiko and Derek.  

7:45PM –  I have just arrived at the election night party for Keiko Orrall a the VFW in East Freetown.  I plan on staying here for about a half hour after the polls close in 15 minutes, and then I’ll head over to the Derek Maksy party.  I’ll then report from whomever wins.  Polls close in 15 minutes.  

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