12th Bristol Special Election Results – Keiko Orrall has won GOP Primary

9:00 PM – Derek Maksy won Freetown 65 to 54.  Keiko Orrall won Taunton 17-12.  Derek Maksy has just conceded via telephone to Keiko Orrall.

8:45 PM – Just got a text.  Orrall has won precinct 4 in Middleboro 74-17.  The spread looks like it may be tough for Maksy to surmount.

8:30 PM – Middleboro had a ballot box failure and is hand counting.  I’m on my way to Maksy party.  The Orrall folks are feeling confident in their early lead.

8:10 PM – Lakeville results are in.  Keiko garners 362 votes to Derek’s 240.  

8:00PM – The polls have closed. Good luck to both Keiko and Derek.  

7:45PM –  I have just arrived at the election night party for Keiko Orrall a the VFW in East Freetown.  I plan on staying here for about a half hour after the polls close in 15 minutes, and then I’ll head over to the Derek Maksy party.  I’ll then report from whomever wins.  Polls close in 15 minutes.  

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  • I’m guessing EaBo thinks Maksy is going to win since he’s going to that party after a stop-in with Keiko’s camp. 😉

  • CVarley


  • in the Orrall camp.

    This just a water stop in a marathon.  If we all give 110%, this seat can be the people’s seat.

  • Congratulations to Keiko Orrall!  Now let us all unite behind her and do our parts, no role is too small or action to big, to help elect Keiko on Tuesday, September 20!

    Take a look at http://www.Orrall2011.com to learn more about Keiko Orrall and learn how you can be a part of her winning team!  

  • About half of this district is in New Bedford.

  • MerrimackMan

    Combined Turnout

    GOP: 874 (41%)

    DEMS: 1280 (59%)

  • Keiko is extremely personable and can talk to anyone.  She even garnished support las minute from some Democratic supporters of other candidates.

    What will help is turnout.  NB 0.8%.  That is ghastly and a weakness.

    Brunelle is not liked in his own home town.  We can take away Democrat votes easily up in the north side of the district and just chip away whatever we can from NB.

    I am not saying it is easy, but we ALL need to do whatever we can.  It is more honorable to go down fighting, giving your all, than mentally conceding and just showing up.

    Benchwarmers or armchair quarterbacks need not apply.

  • Karl Marx

    have her. She has a future in state politics.

  • I managed Derek Maksy’s campaign, and Keiko did lead an impressive grass roots effort.  In special elections with very low turnout, money is not the indicator on who is going to win. I knew Keiko’s supporters were energized and were going to turn out, so we countered that with an extensive door-to-door campaign, and it obviously was not enough.

    This special primary only turned out the energized and devoted voters who care about issues all of the time. In the end, Keiko had more of those voters.  I wish her the best, and I sure hope she can beat the machine.  Roger Brunelle is bought, paid-for, and gift-wrapped by the liberal special interest groups.  75% of his donations were derived from them.

    Lastly, take note that both canididates that won both primaries have no elected experience.  It is evident that is what the voters wanted…something new and different.

    Best of luck Keiko!  

  • Listen to 96.9 WTTK at 5PM.  She is scheduled to be on.

    Hat tip to Rob Eno.