They Said WHAT??!!

As expected, it did not take long for the legislators (and ex-legislators) involved in Beacon Hill’s latest patronage scandlet to be outed.  According to the Globe, former Rep Paul Kujawski (Kujo to his friends) and current Rep. John Binienda each placed a brother and a son, respectively, in the employ of the Commonwealth’s Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC).  What makes this little scandal unique even in this unusually active season of scandal is the fact that the animating allegation in question – that these particular patronage hires were made expressly in exchange for legislative approval of funding – comes not from a political crank or even a whistleblower, but rather from the agency itself, in legal filings in an employment discrimination case brought by a veteran who claimed he was unfairly passed over for a job at the Commission. 

Current Treasurer Steve Grossman, who oversees the ABCC, has already announced that he will not be taking any knee-jerk action against the two employees in question.  “I’m trying to take everyone on face value,” Grossman tells the Globe. “We will give everyone a fair shot at demonstrating that they are capable of doing distinguished work regardless of how they arrived.”  He’ll take some criticism for that, but it is the correct course.  Although it would be easy to leap to the assumption that the two employees in question were blatant patronage hires, it would be unfair to essentially penalize the pair for the gene pools from whence they came.

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