The Business Insider reports “The Whole World thinks Republicans are Dangerous Maniacs”

Please get your team to NOT ruin the American Brand.  I didn’t make this up:  Here is the link:…

By ruining the American Brand the Tea Party economaniacs may have ruined the markets for American Exports for decades.

Where are the Rockefeller  Republicans?  The Eisenhower Republicans?  Heck, I would take a Reagan Republican over these fixated hostage takers who are, I believe, ruining the so-called “American Brand”, and undoing the work done by the WWII Greatest Generation in causing American to be viewed as trustworthy.

While I may be an anachronism as a “New Deal Democrat” I will say us New Deal types were better for the economy then the Tea Party Economic demolition-derby team or the right-leaning Corporatist Democrats.

For exports to have a market, the other countries have to believe in our currency and our ability to make production deadlines.  The current DC nonsense carnival is definitely undermining that kind of confidence.

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