State spends $11M per year for state worker clothing….

The has published a story about the excessive spending on state worker garb and how it is leading to the difficult financial times of the Commonwealth.

An analysis of state records show in the last four years Massachusetts has spent $43,968,295.99 on clothing. The majority of those purchases are tied to longstanding union contracts, while many others are not. In this fiscal crisis, each agency is able to spend what it wants and Team 5 found there is no statewide system of oversight.

First of all, Kudos to Team 5 for finding out about the massive amounts of money being spent on ‘clothing’ and also for finding out that much of the spending goes on without any kind of oversight.  $44 million gets spent and nobody is asking if it is prudent!  How can that be?

Much of the spending will be justified – as in the case of corrections officers who need to wear a uniform in their job.  But why did the lottery spend over $28K to outfit workers?  Is there really a lottery worker’s uniform?  What the hell does it look like?  I think if we looked into this hard enough the only t-shirts produced for the lottery workers lately were printed with the slogan “Tim Cahill for Governor”.  

And how about the Parole Board spending just over $25K for jackets and polo shirts?  Needless to say a Google search of ‘Massachusetts Parole Board Uniforms’ produced nothing!  If there is a uniform I would guess it is a pair of pants with lots of pockets to take handouts….

Other state workers simply have negotiated into their contract a cash payout of $850 per year.

And while some state workers get an $850 clothing allowance each year, it’s a stark contrast to the $40 a year the legislature recently budgeted for each the state’s neediest children with parents on Transitional Aid to Families with Dependent Children (TAFDC).

Public worker payouts and payoffs over the needs of our most vulnerable children.  And the Dems have the nerve to question our morals….

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