On the mend and on the move…..The Murray Miracle!

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More layoffs! The Murray Miracle continues!

Secretary Bialecki will most certainly find a silver lining to what looks like another storm cloud hovering over the Murray administration’s version of the “Mass Miracle.”

SPRINGFIELD – Baystate Health is eliminating 354 jobs across all three of its hospitals – Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Baystate Mary Lane in Ware and Baystate Franklin Medical Center in Greenfield.

The job loss includes 185 positions that are currently vacant. There will be 169 layoffs among managers and staff. The cuts are effective Aug. 19. Workers, who were advised of the layoffs Wednesday morning, will get severance pay.

The action comes as the health system is in the midst of a nearly $300 million “Hospital of the Future” expansion project with an expanded emergency room that is due to open in March.


Further complicating Secretary Bialecki’s day is the bad news that 3 DCR employees “resigned” bringing the day total job loss to 172 (plus 185 if you include positions that won’t be filled that are presently vacant.)

Three DCR employees have resigned as a result of the agency’s inquiry into the accident at Veterans Memorial Swimming Pool in Fall River that resulted in Marie Joseph’s death, officials said today. Joseph, 36, drowned June 26 and her body went undiscovered for two days even though the pool remained open to the public.


In a statement that could have been released by the Secretary, he may have said, “Some days just suck.”  

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