On the Budget, a Different Point of View – The Glass Half Full Approach

Success is a matter of viewpoint. The pessimist sees the bottle as half empty. The optimist sees it as half full.

Joe Karbo

Our good friend Christen Varley has been saying that I’ve been much too “pessimistic” lately.  Especially, regarding the vote on the conference committee budget report last week.  If you don’t remember last Sunday I penned a post entitled, The Job of the Opposition Party is to Oppose.  That was definitely a glass half full assessment of the FY 2012 budget vote.  

Late this week I talked to a senior staff member in the leadership office.  He told me that “we are 20% of the house but got 80% of our legislative priorities passed in this budget.”  I asked the office to provide me a list of these accomplishments, and they did.  Also provided was a link to the amdendments offered by the leadership team.  By my count 26 amendments were offered by the leadership team, 12 were withdrawn (not priorities), 11 were adopted, and 3 were defeated and a recurring priority, Municipal Health Reform was part of the budget from the onset.  Hence the 80%, after rounding, of the priorities being adopted.

I’m going to show each of the adopted priorities, the non-adopted priorities, and the amendments that were withdrawn.

First up the adopted priorities

Municipal Health Reform

A longtime goal of the minority caucus Municipal health reform was adopted and survived the Governor’s veto, albeit in a watered down – union friendly form.  The caucus was however able to move the debate.

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