On Budget: Vote Should be Next Week.

Emerging from a cloak of secrecy the Conference Committee of the Massachustts legislature has released its budget.  The budget was announced at around 2 PM yesterday and spends $30.6B for FY2012.  Of course that $30.6B is just a starting point, as during the year the legislature is bound to add more spending as it always does.  The budget was released after 8:30 PM last night to the members of the House and Senate, giving only a little more than 12 hours for members to digest before voting.

> From: “House Clerk (HOU)” (HClerk@mahouse.gov)

> Date: June 30, 2011 20:48:30 EDT


> Cc: HOU-DL – HOUSE STAFF (HOU-HOUSESTAFF@mahouse.gov), HOU-DL – HOUSE AIDES (HouseAides@mahouse.gov), SEN-DL-ALLSTAFF (SEN-ALLSTAFF@masenate.gov)

> Subject: Budget Conference Reports


> To the Honorable Senate and House of Representatives –

> The Budget Conference Committee has filed its report, which will be published as House, No. 3535.

> You can find a copy of the report online at the following location:

> http://www.mass.gov/legis/jour…

> It will also be available shortly at the following location:

> www.malegislature.gov/Content/Documents/Budget/FY2012/ConferenceReport-H3535.pdf

> ~ Office of the House Clerk

The short time allowed for members and their staff to look over the budget, is reason enough that any sane person should vote no, if the vote is held today.  Since there is a 10 day budget already law, the House and Senate should take the long weekend to read this bill before voting.  Spending over 30 billion dollars and not being able to fully digest it is a sign of the go along to get along culture of Beacon Hill.

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