More wind power swindling – $30 million stimulus cash going to Spain

Well surprise surprise- more US taxpayer money getting utterly wasted on ‘green energy’ initiatives.

This time, the good people of New Hampshire get to sit back and watch Iberdrola, a massive Spanish energy company, suck up $30 million of stimulus money to build a wind farm in Groton. And this will shock you – it looks like they’re not even going to hire a US company to build the thing.

Posts on Red State and other blogs in New Hampshire tell this sordid tale, and it appears people are getting pretty worked up about this. It reminds me of the Airbus incident last year. So now now the US taxpayer gets to play the hapless Sancho Panza to a Spanish energy company. Marvelous.

From RedState :

When is Congress going to start putting some strings on the “green” tax credits they give out?

In Groton, New Hampshire a massive wind farm deal has just been approved that will cost over $100 million, $34 million coming from New Hampshire and American taxpayers in the form of tax credits and incentives.  Whether you agree with the “green” tax credit or not at least you think they will be creating a few construction jobs in an industry that is really struggling.  It turns out that isn’t even the case.  Iberdrola Renewables-a Spain based major wind power player-is behind the Groton, NH wind farm, but interestingly they also own a Spain based construction company-Iberdrola Engineering and Construction.  Guess who is rumored to be doing the building of the $100 million wind farm-that’s right it is Iberdrola Construction.

So thank you American taxpayer, you just spent $34 million dollars to help the construction industry in Spain.




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