MASSterList: Judges warn of budget catastrophe – Muni-health deal praised – Red Line evac – Highway

COURTS: Calling this year's cuts to the Judiciary budget“catastrophic,” (CW) the leadership of the third branch is speaking out about possible courthouse closures (T&G) and asking Gov. Deval Patrick to stop all judicial appointments. (HeraldT&GBBJ)

MUNI-HEALTH: Leaders on both sides of the issue praised, or at least tolerated, the municipal health care plan reform legislation signed yesterday by Patrick. (SunCW)

MASSD'OH:Could things get worse for the state's transportation systems? The light collapse saga continues, lawmakers may be looking to make some highway (BBJchanges (Telegram) and hundreds of commuters had to be evacuated yesterday from a Red Line tunnel (Globe). And what's next? Ads on the MBTA website since – why not? – you're going to be refreshing the alerts page every other minute to find out why your train broke down. (Globe)

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